3rd edition
Parking Network Event

Discover the link between cashless payments, understanding your customer and customer loyalty

In this session you learn how;

  • Shopping centers connect cashless payments for parking to the overall shopping experience
  • The use of ‘one membership account’ for shopping, parking and beyond. Is the future available now and how to get your business ready

In this highly competitive market, shopping centers are no longer a place to just shop but have to provide a destination experience. That experience can start and end with parking.

ADVAM, the experts in payment solutions explore how Shopping Centers use ticketless, cashless solutions to improve the customer experience. It goes deeper than the experience of finding, pre-booking and paying for parking, but integration with loyalty systems and how the parking technology can enable you to know who your customers are and how best to engage with them.

During this workshop you will explore real life examples of how Shopping Centers are maximizing revenue through the use of integrated, ticketless technology. NCP, the UK’s largest parking operator and manager of car parks, will discuss how they use such solutions to engage more effectively with customers, providing attendees with the opportunity to hear from and ask questions of how the solutions work in practice.

The session will mainly focus on the customer and maximizing revenue, but you will also explore how Shopping Centers use ticketless solutions to manage retail staff parking.

Attend this session to hear directly from users of ticketless solutions and how they can be used to understand your customer, improve the customer experience in order to drive loyalty and maximize revenue.

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