3rd edition
Parking Network Event
HUB Parking Technology

How to simplify your Shopping Center Parking Management & increase your revenues

At HUB Parking Technology we know what the main challenges for Shopping Centers Parking Management are. Many of the world’s busiest Shopping centers, already chose HUB as a trusted business partner.

The workshop will showcase the JMS, Janus Management System, a cutting-edge, intuitive and user-friendly software solution to manage multiple parking locations and different types of HUB equipment with just one tool. It is highly scalable and perfectly adaptable to any type of installation, from the smallest to the most complex projects with high traffic levels. With JMS you can easily manage and control centrally all your HUB equipment and systems from any web-connected device, including smart phones and tablets.

JMS, the first tile-based Parking Management System, offers a very intuitive and user-friendly interface tile based, allowing you to use it with virtually no learning curve. JMS also offers the possibility to enhance, inform and improve your business performance in multiple ways.

JMS includes a comprehensive Validation Platform which is designed to drive business to local merchants by providing customers parking discounts, promoting businesses and increasing customer loyalty. Discover how easy it is to control parking validation amounts, frequency and any requirement to receive validated parking. Merchants can choose to pay for a portion or for the complete patron’s parking session and they can apply validation, also using an easy web solution or generating barcodes from existing equipment. HUB’s validation Platform allows you to create real-time reports on all validation fund account and parking validation activity.

JMS offers an integrated and advanced Business Intelligence platform for structured data mining which enables you to have live deep statistical analysis into a drag-and-drop visual analytics environment. Complex and rich statistical analyses can be accessible and easy to understand for everybody, allowing the whole organization to make data-driven business decisions.

JMS also provides a unique and easy to use digital signage solution: Janus Digital Signage. JDS allows you to improve your business performance through any screen display in your network, also in your automated payment stations. For the first time you’ll be able to deliver a sophisticated digital showcase for information, events, advertising and update contents easily and centrally in a few seconds with JMS.

During the workshop we will also present innovative smart solutions which will help you increase your customers’ satisfaction and improve their overall shopping experience.

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