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Parking Network Event
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What are the challenges in your organization, for the future? What should you do to make your organization sustainable and future-proof? Does your job or organization has any relation to a shopping/city center? Come to our workshop and we will give your more insights for your approach.

Based on technological developments, trends and customer journey we have developed a vision upon “The Future City Center” , Four scenario’s that outline the way how we will shop in 2030. With this vision we have drawn up actions for various stakeholder groups as well as retailers, business owners, real estate owners and investors, and government and community. What can they all do today, to be still relevant in 2030? And more importantly, where and how they can work together to make sure that urban shopping area in 2030 has a vibrant feature?

CCV believes in the synergy between entrepreneurs. To influence and use the shopping behaviour of consumers, we are creating communities of entrepreneurs, local governments and others within cities. One of the solutions we provide is a loyalty card for a city or shopping area. With this loyalty card, the city/shopping area and the entrepreneurs can reward loyal customers and attract more consumers to their shopping area. Consumers have to register in order to participate in the loyalty program. The registrations of the consumers lead to data for the city and the entrepreneurs, which enables valuable insights in consumer purchasing patterns. With these insights, all participating stakeholders get to know their visitors, and could execute marketing activities in order to attract more (relevant) visitors. The customer journey consists of a lot of individual elements, together they determine the experience of the consumer. When a consumer has negative experience with one or a few element(s), his whole experienced will be negative. This could lead to a consumer that won’t visit your shopping area again.

One important element in this customer journey is parking. Parking could have a great influence on the experience of a consumer visiting a shopping area. With our solution, consumers can save points by shopping at participating shops and receive a discount on parking, for example. This creates a happy consumer that will come back and share his experience with friends and family. This strengthens the sustainability of your shopping area. In our workshop you will get the details about this vision upon the shopping behaviour in 2030, with inspirational and practical examples in combination with parking. 

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