4th edition
Parking Network Event

During the Shopping Center Parking Network Event, leaders from the parking industry will conduct workshops that specifically focus on Shopping Center Parking. 


2017 workshops:

A Frictionless Parking Future

Whether your shopping centre offers free or paid-for parking, memberships and account-based parking solutions can enable the delivery of an excellent shopping centre experience for your customers. In this workshop...
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Beyond Customer Satisfaction: Unlock the Potential of your Shopping Center Parking

The workshop will showcase HUB range of smart solutions tailored around the retail parking sector, designed to enhance, inform, and improve their performance: future-proof equipment, managed and controlled with JMS - Janus Management System...
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The power of integration

In this workshop we will explain how the integration of systems can provide more information, that can be used to generate additional accurate reports, in order to improve the operations and to maximize the results of your parking. At the entrances and exits of your parking, LPR...
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Let’s build a smart city together. The car park of your shopping centre is the key!

Can you imagine tracking all vehicle movements in your facilities? With BirdWatch you can know the license plate, the time and vehicle state at entry and the parking spot occupied. You can see video of all the movements taking place around the parked vehicle together with the video of its exit from the car park and the exact exit time...
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Discover how high attendance Shopping Mall car parks can deliver up to 20% more footfall without creating extra parking slots

Yellow and Co, mobility, parking and wayfinding consultants, specialized in customer experience for high attendance premises and retail, are here to share with you how optimized and smartened shopping mall car parks, can enhance rotation and increase footfall by up to 20%...
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