3rd edition
Parking Network Event

Let’s build a smart city together. The car park of your shopping centre is the key!

Let’s build a smart city together. The car park of your shopping centre is the key! 

A smart city is a city that has developed some technological infrastructure that enables it to collect, aggregate and analyze real-time data and has made a concerted effort to use that data to improve the lives of its residents,” the National League of Cities says.

Smart parking plays an important part in building an intelligent city. Revolution in technology, innovation, and sustainability has completely transformed the industry. Car parks need to continuously improve the quality of their services, include innovative solutions, be aware of the mobility challenges in cities and adopt a responsible policy for environmental protection.

Parking difficulties can affect people’s decisions regarding where to shop. A relaxing shopping experience begins with a convenient car park that helps avoiding parking frustration. Parking is no longer a side aspect of the overall shopping centre experience. It has become clear that parking underpins the overall customer satisfaction in shopping centres. A smart car park leads to a smart city that benefits you and the driver!

Your advantages

  • Optimized parking management: increase turnover (20-30%), maximise efficiency, increase in profits, improve occupancy, greater rotation, lower costs, and optimize price and parking policy.
  • Increase vehicle flow to the Shopping Centre. 
  • Customers have more time available and are in a better disposition before the purchase.
  • Prevent vehicle thefts and false claims.
  • Reduction in fraud and an increase in the overall security.
  • Strengthen customer loyalty: gather data on lengths of stay, occupancy and use, which can be used by the management of the shopping centre to further enhance the parking experience.  
  • Dynamic pricing: prices on demand.

Driver’s advantages

  • Excellent customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Reduce parking search time.
    Locate available spaces quickly.
  • Save time: less stress and more time to buy.
  • Find the car easily and quickly.

Society advantages

  • Improved environmental quality.
  • Well-being and quality of life for citizens.
  • Reduced congestion and gas emissions caused by the search for parking: 43% less time spend driving in cities and 10% reduction of congestion levels.

At Quercus Technologies we are specialists in license plate recognition and computer-vision technologies. Our BirdWatch Smart Parking Suite, a web-based platform that integrates interconnected capabilities designed to provide the full control and security of any parking facility. BirdWatch is meant to turn any car park into smart parking facilities.

Can you imagine tracking all vehicle movements in your facilities? With BirdWatch you can know the license plate, the time and vehicle state at entry and the parking spot occupied. You can see video of all the movements taking place around the parked vehicle together with the video of its exit from the car park and the exact exit time. Moreover, you can set a dynamic pricing system with different price rates depending on the parking spot location.

Join us at our workshop for an interactive conversation on what interconnectivity really means and all the benefits that can bring to your parking facilities!

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