4th edition
Parking Network Event

Unlocking the Benefits of Video based Parking Guidance Systems

Today’s parking facilities at the shopping centers across the world are dealing with an unprecedented set of pressures and challenges that are eroding revenues, straining resources and driving up operational costs. Until recently, efforts to solve these problems via new technology have been largely ineffective at best, and a dismal failure at worst.
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The power of data modelling in parking: How parking data can enhance your revenue and customer experience.

The simple action of accessing the parking area of a shopping center is able to allow operators into a wealth of business insight – once properly analyzed and modelled. The workshop will provide a deep dive into advanced reporting, parking performance analytics and digital management with JMS, to change the way that parking operators at shopping centers use their business data.
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How Frictionless Parking will Change the Shopping Center Parking World

Parking is on the verge of becoming a digital event. Frictionless parking, pay-by-plate and car finder solutions are only the start of this digital revolution. Explore the opportunities for enhanced customer experience that these technologies promise. DESIGNA representatives will give insights on the above topics and latest trends.
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Creating Value with Parking Guidance

Workshop will discuss the importance and added value of parking guidance and how the utilization of latest parking guidance technology can benefit your business. We will demonstrate the umatched flexibility of Portier HOST and how it allows any shopping center operator to create cost-efficient and functional parking guidance solutions.
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Redefine the Parking Experience

CIRC360 in combination with Cleverciti’s Top Reach Sensor Systems revolutionizes the process of parking by delivering real-time identification and display of free and occupied spaces within outdoor areas. With CIRC360, parking facilities can inform customers of available spaces in real time while displaying marketing messages and paid media sponsorships that enhance branding and visibility.
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Using Technology for Managed Car Park Services

Smart Parking’s interactive workshop will focus on ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology, and its effectiveness and flexibility when used as a parking management solution in the UK. We will also explore other elements of our system, including vehicle detection sensors and guidance systems, as well as demonstrating our reporting platform and its operational capabilities around analytics, reporting and consumer insights.
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Parking and Wayfinding Consultants Optimize Your Shopping Mall Car Park to Accept 20% More Traffic on High Attendance Days

In retail destinations, rotation is more important than total amount of slots. This workshop will help you understand the basics for designing free flowing car parks, saving time and energy by reducing by up to 50% the time spent by your customers during search for free slots and exiting car park.
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Let’s Make Parking Digital

How are Shopping Centers collecting Big Data and what practical use does it have in terms of increasing customer retention, loyalty, and revenue? And how can parking play a part in building customer profiles and customer loyalty? The belief being that parking should be a hassle-free experience.
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Proactive in Parking: The Retail Benefits of Improving the Customer Journey

40% of shopping centre parking customers said they would be more likely to visit a retail park or shopping centre if they could guarantee a parking space there, 28% would like to see cashless parking options and 12% would like retail centre car parks to employ license plate recognition (LPR) for automated payments.
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