Shopping Center Parking Network Event Amsterdam, October 14 - 16, 2018 You are invited!

3rd edition
Parking Network Event

Parking and Wayfinding Consultants Optimize Your Shopping Mall Car Park to Accept 20% More Traffic on High Attendance Days

Yellow and Co, mobility, parking and wayfinding consultants, specialized in customer experience for high attendance premises and retail, are here to share with you how optimized and smartened shopping mall car parks, can enhance rotation and increase footfall by up to 20%.

In retail destinations, rotation is more important than total amount of slots. This workshop will help you understand the basics for designing free flowing car parks, saving time and energy by reducing by up to 50% the time spent by your customers during search for free slots and exiting car park.

On high attendance days, in a 4 000 slot Shopping Mall car park, customers spend more than 2 000 hours a day searching for free slots. By helping them park easier and faster, our solutions save more than 1 000 hours in accessing available slots. The 1 000 hours saved are in fact, the equivalent of 2 hours parking for 500 extra customers on the same day.

The heavier the attendance, the more time saved, the higher the rotation, the higher the footfall delivered to the Mall.

Yellow and Co is the leading consultancy for Shopping Mall traffic, mobility and parking in Europe and the Middle East with car parks from 1 000 to 30 000 slots and more. Designers of the first indoor and outdoor smartparking for Unibail-Rodamco’s award winning Velizy 2, with 7 Million car visits per year in a 6 000 slot car park without the slightest human surveillance.

Please join us for a unique experience in shopping mall car parks.